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This is a special discount for the full spring semester for a single person or class 


This semester is January 8th – May 31st (tentatively)

This coming semester will start the week of Monday January 8th and run through at least May 31st. We don’t have recital booked yet, but we’re hoping to have it June 1st or 2nd, because we’ll be headed to Oahu June 5th – June 17th to enjoy FESTPAC (more info coming!). We will be closed 2/14 for Valentines Day and 3/25-3/28 for spring break. Even with those 2 closures, we’ll still get in a full 5 months of classes, except for Wednesday classes. Wednesday, we’ll plan a makeup class for the Valentine’s Day closure!

Full Spring Semester for 1 (person or class)

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